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Birgit Edwall


Birgit N D Edwall was born in northern Sweden. In a small town by a lake known for its dragon like monster – not unlike the Loch Ness Monster - hiding its mysteries beneath the waves, only occasionally seen above the surfaces. Do Dragons exist? And like Archangel Mikaeel, do we have to process them?

About Birgit

Birgit became a Londoner for about 18 years. Her story begins in the 70:s, in London, in Kensington Gardens and near a statue of Peter Pan. A call of some sort - was made! Her writings are the outcome from about 40 years research within Dreamstate, exploring Psyche, Spirit and Soul through meditative, shamanic and Akashic dreamwork. A Love Cauldron was stirred and fingers dipped into the inspirational waters. She got burned, but also gained entrances into the Otherworlds (Egyptian Duat, the Celtic Avalon, the Nordic Alfheim) - at times accompanied by a mystical friend, a soular lodger and an inmate. As you write, as you hunt or get hunted through the sub- and super consciousness of Mind, of the Otherworlds, appearances will shift. Is it Soul and Spirit that really counts? From where else do you find your inspiration? She learned about the archetypal forces of Psyche, inherited and how they may synchronize across all the nations of the ancient Earth. And about the deeper, yet often distorted, if not totally forgotten, transformative fields of some very Old Mysteries.





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