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Author and publisher at Siljan Måsar Publishing House. Self-employed since 1986 and qualified correspondent abroad, health adviser and Creative Producer at Malmö Högskola, Sweden. Also publishes the spiritual publication ”BudskapsPortalen”. In 2008 she received the first message from universal intelligence through automatic writing and has since then received several hundred messages containing “keys” to the awakening of mankind. With the backing and collaboration, Yvonne started the publishing house and was guided by the universal light the whole time – it exists inside of every single one of us.

Joy of writing!


Writing has always been real and pure quality of life for me! I love The Word and its meandering path to become a complete sentence, a paragraph and finally a whole story. Ever since I was young I knew I would write and I was very taken aback when several publishing houses refused my first novel. My second and third novel shared the same fate, so I stopped my writing for several years.


Then I experienced a very special evening at the Lake Siljan, when the moon was making the ice sparkle, the frozen branches of te pine trees glistened in the moonlight and the air was breathing total serenity. When I look back on it now, I think I knew that something was about to happen, but at that very moment I didn’t understand a thing: Automatic writing somehow activated me and the pen was dashing across the paper, where I was sitting by the fire! 13 pages of intelligent messages were suddenly there in black and white. After that night I received messages every day for many years and the messages still keep on coming on a regular basis. I had opened up to my inner source, handed myself in complete trust to the Cosmos and my calling – The Good Word! That’s when my writing really started to flow and came into its own.


The spiritual genre in Sweden is very limited and with my experience from the big publishing houses I decided to take action and start my own publishing house. Siljans Måsar Publishing House was born! Today we consist of more than 30 authors with approximately 50 books, which we promote and sell together in Sweden. Several of our books have been translated into English and are available to buy as e-books and audio books through


People’s interest in writing has been increasing all over the world and I can understand why, it heals old sorrows, it lifts the unspoken and guides you forward on the path of life. The process of writing can heal, activate and generate new exuberance. And it’s because of that, that we want to share this web page, so that more people dare to take the step from thought to action.


To publish a book today is not that hard and not too expensive. The thought is that the investment in the launch is going to generate the capital back and at least give a small profit. But to sell your book as an unknown author is hard! It helps to be a part of a community, a family of authors, so that you can lift and support each other instead of feeling all alone.


In order to write a book you need to have an interesting and intriguing subject, a thread and a purpose. Why do you want to write a book? What do you want to achieve? How do you want your book to be interpreted and received? You also need to learn about total strangers - unfamiliar readers - and imagine how he or she is going to interpret your book. Try to see the obvious and describe it. Create exciting characters, that the reader can identify with and contexts that is entirely new. Your text has to flow; paint vivid pictures with the words and the connective thread will intrigue the reader. Too much story telling is going to exhaust the reader so use verbs to describe actions and try to refrain from using too many adjectives. Mix short and long sentences to speed up and alternately slow down the text. After that all you have to do is to proofread, change the text, proofread again, change the text again and finally ask a friend to read the script and give you constructive feedback. When you get the manuscript back, you have to start all over again to proofread, change the text and adding things to the story.


The standard measurement of a book - the one we use the most - is 135 x 210 mm. Every book is printed on a 16 pages-sheet, so the total amount of pages have to be able to divide with 16. A useful standard average is 192 pages. We always print 1000 copies of each title.


When you are finished with your first book and no longer can or want to change anything in it, you can ask a publishing house to take a look at it. We can see straight away if it is a script that would suit our genre. We calculate a quotation for the book and if the author is interested in working with us, we offer a package that includes printing, launching, promotion and distribution. All of the details are adjusted in a partnership agreement. With Siljans Måsar Publishing House, the author gets 90 % of the profit from the sales paid out once a month.. Any books that the author sells himelf/herself, means 100 % profit for author. Information about the book will be presented to all booksellers in Sweden, but with today’s market they often only buy one copy at the time, instead of many at once.


The ambition of this publishing house is to protect the nature of the books, to help readers read more books and to aid the keeping and revisiting of the book: the most important link to knowledge of all times. A well-known concept is that knowledge leads to awareness, understanding, unity, humanity, consideration and respect and that’s what we represent and we stand up for that. It can lead to people opening up to the thought about diversity and letting go of fears about other cultures. This increasing awareness is an important key to a peaceful community, because knowledge has proven to lead to less conflicts and a bigger understanding of each other’s differences. The Good Word also gives confidence, progress, courage and initiative to act, the reader can analyse, grow and study his/her own mind with The Book.


So be brave and write – from your innermost depth.






best advice for writing!


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