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Jennyli Gustafsson


I was born in 1973 in the Swedish countryside, close to animals and nature. Very early on in my life, I was introduced to the creative world when I as an eight year old girl started playing the violin. My interest in writing has blossomed in recent years, when I discovered that a text can also vibrate as tones and in its own way reach all the way into someone’s heart. My strong desire to understand the meaning and innermost essence of life led me to the ancient wisdom of the Inca Indians about how we humans can interact with the living energies of nature and this opened me up to the creative vibrations of eternity, which suddenly started flowing through me towards the end of 2006. I have later understood that the inspiration and the messages are coming from the Pleiades.


The first book ”God has a plan” was published in 2007 and since then there’s been a book published every other year. “Messenger to Earth” came out in 2009 and “The Earth we inherited” in 2011. During that year, I also assembled this trilogy into one book and called it “The Book of Eternities”. In 2013 the next book “Maia Aela – the girl from planet Akleja” was published, which in character is a bit different from the other books. I have written this book as more of a novel and I weave the spiritual messages from the Pleiades into a fictitious story about Maia from Sweden. In this book, Maia makes contact with her dead sister, who has been reborn in the same galaxy that Maia comes from. She also meets a man from Peru, who is a direct descendant from the Inca Indians and he treasures their wisdom and cultural heritage. Their lives intertwine and together they highlight and emphasize the fundamental principles of both human and divine life. The story about Maia Aela doesn’t end with the first book. There’s more to come – watch this space!




To write is to live!


Earlier on in my life, my wish wasn’t actually to be able to write a book. But I wished I could understand life. Just like many others, I was searching for the meaning of life. Looking back on it now, I can see what I was looking for and it wasn’t so much the meaning of life, but actually life itself. I was seeking to find where I came from, my origin, my own home. The creativity in the actual writing process is life itself being alive and vibrant. There is an absolute presence in the writing procedure. One can’t just disappear or get lots in one’s thoughts, because the feeling I need to have inside my body when I’m writing is: Here and Now! The only time I can really experience life within me is when I exist - absolutely and entirely - in the present moment. The only time I can really write is when I exist in the now, the present moment.


The courage to start writing comes when I truly make my mind up to do so. When I dare to throw myself into the writing, then it comes naturally. I need to put my expectations to one side. The more I refrain from thinking and steering the writing, the better it gets. It is similar to speaking in front of an audience. If I have planned ahead and written a manuscript for myself, then it doesn’t go very well and I end up saying something else anyway. The living, vibrant inspiration cannot be planned ahead. The living inspiration exists only in the present moment, in the now. Whatever wants to emerge wants to emerge - quite simple really. When I let whatever wants to emerge emerge, I get the very best results.


At the same time as I am letting whatever wants to emerge emerge, I am at my absolute happiest in my creative process. That’s when I really feel I’m living in and with the creative flow. At that point, I find myself in the present moment of lust and great beauty. The sensation of deep and true bliss can only occur in the now. So how did I find my way into the core of the present moment when I decided to start writing? From the beginning it was probably more about daring to believe in miracles. The strong feeling I had within me - desperately wanting to understand what the meaning of my life was - gave me the courage to be open to all answers that could come my way. This openness gave life, which is creative, a possibility to find its way to me. In my case, life expressed itself through words.


At first it was an overwhelming experience when the process started, because I was so detached from that both mentally and emotionally. But with time I have grown closer to the creativity and it has started to become a part of me. At that precise moment, life forms within me and comes out as words on a computer screen. It’s just as exciting every time. To me “to write” means to live. For someone else this might be to paint or to sing, but my creative life materialises as words. All forms of life are creative, without exception. Therefore I am thinking that every person’s search for the meaning of life brings him sooner or later to his own creativity. In one way or another, he refers to his birthright of ruling his own life and uniting with the creative source inside of him.


This has in principal been of vital importance to me. It has proven to be so profoundly significant to me that everything else I now do in life comes from the same creative source and shines with this light of joy. To create is to live and this is every person’s birthright. How each and every one of us finds his own source and how that source chooses to express itself varies from person to person. What is absolutely certain is that it does want to express itself in one way or another. When I realised this and opened up to it all, everything started falling into place and the creative storm seemed to be never ending. It still hasn’t, but now I have however found a calm and pleasant flow in my creativity, which feels fabulous to in. I have finally realised that I and creativity equal one and the same. There is no distinction or separation between us. We are One with each other and I have finally found my way home.


Jennyli Gustafsson


Jennyli's best advice for writing!

  • The creativity in the actual writing process is life itself that is alive and vibrant.
  • Make your mind up and start writing!
  • Try to refrain from thinking and steering the writing, let it come naturally.
  • Utilise the living, vibrant inspiration.

Be courageous enough to be open to all answers.

  • Let the creativity become a part of you.



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