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Gabrielle Lauréntzen


For several years I worked as a spaterapeut, medium, earth healer, spiritual guide, healer, course leader and held satsangs. 2011 I took a step back from it and in 2012 came Dawn Era .

To write is to be free!

Giving life to a book or poem, is for me a wonderful opportunity to live my dreams.


I just love to express and create my dreams and inspirations into poems, photos, some imaginary landscape in a book or through channeling.


Perhaps one can say I am in love with the creative process, having a sort of a loveaffair or relationship with what I do. And every creation, poem or yes even paragraph in a book is the one. I can hear the pulse of what I create.


When I write I close the door to the outside world. And thats when the being, presence, freedom, dreams and the desire grows. And if there is a possibilite for me to step out of the ordinary world during that process of desire, I start to create. Sometimes that feeling is so strong that everydays river turns to ebb, and the dreams are created and thrive in the artistic creativity secret nook.


Inspiration comes to me when I sit down and write. As to sink into a sunset, take it into your heart and send it out, created by the sun's warmth, strength and inspiration through writing.



Also in the writing process, winds of change are there, but with some unique personality. As new colours that comes, filling the base with new, artistic shades. I think it's good to dare to throw some caution overboard sometimes and wander through unfamiliar terrain, follow the winds of change, it makes us grow as writers and as people.


Gabrielle Laurèntzen



Comments about "Gryningens epok":


"Better than this can not be. The unbeatable combination of Gabrielle's spiritual awakening that changed my perception of reality in-depth, exciting and loving stories, channeling, words of wisdom and bell-like messages, this insight-filled book written in a language that makes it among the most useful books I have got in my hand. Dawn Era - a classic in the bookcase. "/ Bengt Larsson


"Amazing book this! Now I understand that the higher dimensions really has great significance and power in our lives. I feel the vibration of the text in the body and are amazed of the spirit frequency where everything is so beautiful and powerful. Dawn Era must be experienced! "/ Carina Johansson


"A very beutiful book filled with healing and a language that goes straight to the soul, It rests a loving holy presence in this book that follows a natural and divine rhythm. This presence deepened in wisdom words, connects us to our own spirit. Dawn Era speaks strong, it is a book of great spiritual power. "/ Marie Karlstrom


"All I needed to do was to hold the book to know that it is one of the books I want in my bedroom. Having a language that speaks directly to my soul. Dawn Era with channeling, wisdom, personal experiences and most beautiful poetry. A healing reading experience that lifts and inspires. "/ Anna von Schéele, yoga - meditation teacher.


"When you crave something that you may not find words for, that are so subtile, so that the shell can not embrace it - then you are looking for the Dawn Era - this magically beautiful book, full of life philosophy and loving force." / Yvonne Frank Mansson


"Dawn Era is a wonderful, beautiful book with colorful, playful words that paint a vivid golden fabric that is emerging with each chapter in the book, whose energy uplifts our hearts to a higher consciousness. A book that is long overdue, needed and very timely "/ Gun Karlsson, author and photographer to Close encounter with Mother Earth


"I've enjoyed every page of the Dawn Era, and hoped that it would never end. Fortunately, I can read it again. Gabrielle writes so beautiful and with such empathy so I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful reading experience. "/ Ulla-May Nevsten, author of For




Gabrielle's best advice for writing!

  • Ask yourself why you want to write. There you have the motivation.
  • Find out what time of day is best for you to write on. Some people write best in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening.
  • Once you decide, do not wait for inspiration to write, write and the inspiration will come.
  • Read a lot of books and watch movies for inspiration. Even the less well have something to teach.
  • Be disciplined, make time and notify the surroundings so that you will not be interrupted.
  • Write a book you want to read
  • Have a wonderful, peaceful and exciting pace in the book. A bit like a piece of music, you catch the reader with many beautiful tones in a unique symphony. Is it to slowly the reader gets tired. If it on the other hand, goes to fast, it becomes exhausting.
  • Spice up with surprises.
  • Write with vivid details.
  • Do not give out too much information, less is more. Be objective and remove all unnecessary.
  • Strive for a simple and descriptive expression.
  • Find your style, your expression and hold it throughout the book.
  • Make it cozy for you when you are writing. Light a candle, maybe you can have some flowers and fruit where you are.
  • Meditate before, to become completely empty of impressions. And then allow it to flow.
  • Release requirements and have faith.
  • Luxuriate in your artistic creativity and love to write.


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