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Louise Minerva-Li

Louise Minerva-Li, BA, dream therapist, writer, spiritual teacher and founder of Dromcentrum Minerva, a forum for people interested in dreams, where many have been gaining experience of the art of dream interpretation and dream healing as a powerful tool of spiritual awakening.


In 1992 she started up the school of two-years Education in Dream Therapy, which, together with transpersonal dreamwork such as re-entrance in the dream and techniques of dreamhealing, includes regressions, past life therapy, soul retrieval, trauma healing, and more, such as drawing, intuitive writing, guided visualization, storytelling…


Louise Minerva-Li has published six books (not yet translated into English)


The Art of Dying – Through Death


The search for a greater truth has followed me since childhood. I realized that dreams offered journeys into the inner depth and out to the ultimate edge beyond the limits of the physical world.


I had the priviledge of studying with different spirit teachers and was given the opportunity to investigate the levels and possibilities of mind and consciousness, for which I am grateful beyond words.


MinErva is the sound frequency of my Higher Self, Min beging my sacred feminine part through all dimensions and Erva being my sacred masculine part through all dimensions. Li is the sound frequency of my Earth goddess connection. Minerva-Li is me and therefore also my name, and also the foundation upon which the messages in my books rest.


For me there is no lack of inspiration. My problem is to find time and serenity to write. But the inspiration is flowing – often at the most unsuitable and unconvenient occasions. Both titles and contents can come for example when having gone to bed being too tired to take notes, or on the bus, when walking in the street, and such…


But I do have quite a deal of notes lying in a drawer, waiting for attention. My prayer is: Dear life, give me time and money to write and print the books that are calling to emerge and want to come forth to be materialized.


Louise's best advice for writing!

  • Create a space (place) where there is serenity so that you can concentrate
  • Create time for yourself. Say no to meetings, and have empty pages in your calender. There you may note: ”Write book”
  • Make up your mind and start writing
  • Write from the truth and wisdom of your heart
  • Trust the process. Just write on. You can always correct the text later …



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