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Comments about Själsljus:


The book is a treasury in its formulations and poetic language. That gives the reader a possibility to tarry on a sentence or formulation and to explore its depth. Or to calmly and resting contemplate over its beauty. The rich content of spirituality, poetry and love in every sentence will gently caress the reader. “Your beauty is reflected in the hall of mirrors in heaven, in the brilliant, resplendent worlds of universe. Thereby your reflection in the universe.”


Reading ”Soullight” demands my concentration. Simultaneously it brings me many answers in an inner journey. Fagination and calm becomes light in my soul, thank you Carina.





”Your life is your friend and wants your respect and care. A patient and loving treatment.”



Light of the soul


Writing is to open yourself and letting the words flow. Publishing a book is exciting, enjoyable and a little worrying. People’s reactions before the written word can sometimes be surprising: criticism when you expected credit and credit when you expected criticism. Silence when you expected an intense discussion and a fervent interest when you didn’t.


The book can give you new exciting friends and increase your creativity. The spiritual subject can be provoking, exciting, wonderful, creepy, creative, strange and comforting for the reader.


Many people are longing for words to comfort their souls. I hope my book can fulfil this desire.



Carinas best advice for writing!

  • Don’t think too much. Open yourself and catch your creativity.
  • Trust your inner power of creativity which is available for everyone.
  • The Word is eternal and available for all of us. You will only have to allow its flow.
  • Don’t be obstructed by dissatisfaction or negative attitudes.
  • Be prepared for disapproval and jealousy, but overcome these blockages and carry out
  • what you, in your heart want to achieve. If you, in your heart want to write, do write.
  • Get power from your inner source, the power of creativity that we are all connected to.
  • Good luck with all good that you want to achieve and do never, ever give up.


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