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Lauching of "Funnen" by Ma Oftedal.


10th november - Ma Oftedal in swedish TV 4, talks about her addiction to alcohol for the first time. (only in swedish) Here!


14th november - Ma Oftedal in the radioprogram "People and faith"; "She left the church to fine herself". (only in swedish) Listen here!


17th november - Ma Oftedal at Erik Blixt, in the radioprogram P4 Extra. (only in swedish) Listen here!


22th november - Ma Oftedal in the swedish newspaper Expressen, read more about it here!


December - Interview with Ma Oftedal in the swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning.


December - Ma Oftedal in a big article in the magazine Inspire, nr 5.


January - Ma Oftedal in a intervew in the swedish magazine M-Magasin, nr 1 2014.


January/february - Our books ”Nyckeln till Lyckans Labyrint”, ”De Dolda Ikonerna” and ”Taos uppdrag till människan” is in Livsenergis magazine for members, nr 2.


10th of february - Gunilla Petersén in the swedish magazine Inspire with her book "Tankar om Tankar".


11th of february - "De dolda ikonerna" is in Livsenergis magazine for members, nr 3.


20th of februari - kl 15,00. Sari Kiviranta is having a book signing for "Änglavingar" at Tullinge Hälsokälla


21th of feb - 11th of march - The book "Funnen" is in the magazine "Nära", nr 2.


March - The books "Du sitter på min plats", "Bakom Illusionen", "Maia Aela", "Legenden om den längsta natten" and "Funnen" is in Livsenergis magazine for members, nr 4.


March - April - The book "Gudinneyoga" is in the magazine Free, nr 2


7th of - 8th of march - Get to meet several of our writers at Attitydsmässan in Stockholm:


14ht of march - Siljans Måsar Förlagtis one of the exhibitors during the gala "Woman in red" at the Scandic Hotel in Malmö. A fundraising to the Women & Health foundation for medical research. Read more about it


15th of march - The Nordic Cosmic Day in Stockholm. Meet Kalevi Riikonen. Read about the program here!


15th - 16th of march - Ulla Alvarsdotter is having a course in trance in Söderköping. Read more about it:


27th - 30th of march - The Dreamcourse of the year with Louise Minerva-Li, outside of Mariefred. Read more about it:


5th - 6th of april - Ulla Alvarsdotter is having a course in trance in Örnsköldsvik. Read more about it:


8th of april - Madeleine Fjärilsdottert is being interviewed in the radio channel Amazing FM kl 15.00. Rerun the 11/4, kl 10.


17th - 21st of april - Konstrundan Österlen; booksale & signing with Ma Oftedal.


27th of april – 11th of may - Go with Ulla Alvarsdotter to Brasil and John of God. Read more about it:


April - May - The book "Silja ur Kosmos" is in the magazine Inspire.


26 april - Lucid Dreaming - Dreams with Louise Minerva-Li, in Stockholm. Read more about it:


14th - 15th of may - Hypnosis and shamanism sn Göteborg together with Ulla Alvarsdotter. Read more about it:


24th of may - Bookreleaseoat the bookstore Vattumanen in Stockholm; several new authors presents their new books!


June - Carina Sloberg and her book "Själsljus" is in Livsenergis magazine for members, nr 8.


18 june - The radio channel in Ystad, Radio Active is reading from Madeleine Fjärilsdotter's book "Solens lärjungar".


June/July - Madeleine Fjärilsdotter is in the june/july issue of the magazine Inspire.


5 - 6 july - Our author Madeleine Fjärilsdotter is reading from her book "Solens Lärjunge", in Rollstorp.


August - The magazine Inspire is writing an article about Gabrielle Lauréntzen and her book "Gryningens epok"


19th of august - The radiostation in Ystad is reading from Madeleine Fjärilsdotter's book "Solens Lärjunge"


29th - 31st of august - Author workshop in Österlen. E-mail us for program and information.


25 - 28 september - Bokmässan Göteborg












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