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On this web page you can meet our writers that open-heartedly and honestly tell you about what joy they experience when they’re writing, their fears, the loneliness, sense of community and about the launching of the book. You have to be disciplined to write a book and we have created this site because we want to help liberate the inner powers of one another!


You can also read about the launching process and how to retain your writing flow throughout your authorship..


Dive into the words, thoughts and reflections of the authors and be inspired to write your own book!


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New book!


TA'-SHI-NA' by Gun Karlsson!


"Suddenly the magic of life surprised me with an extraordinary gift – a ticket to a distant exotic destination, where I unexpectedly met this old man, who asked me to help him bring his Spiritual Testament to the world. His Being radiated goodness and in his face I saw one of the ancient mystic souls, who has incarnated through many different epochs in the history of Mother Earth. During amazing sunrises and sunsets in the horizon, he shared his overwhelming story with be and took us on a switch-back through eras of light and darkness. The story triggered old hidden emotional memories inside and started a deep healing process in both of us. With the power of thought I travelled with him to places all over the world and page after page was woven into a colorful web of truths, imagination, inspiration and intuition – for you to be enlightened by!"




“Daughter of Cosmos”


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Some of our books

Light of the North -

Yvonne Frank Månsson


A flow of Light fills the Earth -

Birgitta Sjöqvist


Maia Aela -

Jennyli Gustafsson

För dig - For you -

Ulla-May Nevsten


The timeless age -

Eva-Lena Johansson


Let the light be your guide -

Birgitta Sjöqvist

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